Letters to the editor

Feb. 07, 2013 @ 03:52 PM

PhotoID safeguards vote

The North Carolina legislature is working on bills requiring photographic identification of voters. 

Voter photoID documents are cheap, easy to obtain, and widely used in daily life for many other identification purposes.  Most of all, in the voting process, ensuring that a legitimate voter receives the ballot is a major means of safeguarding the integrity of all votes, including yours and mine.  Votes by unqualified persons dilute and cancel out votes from duly registered voters, which is genuine voter suppression. 

In support of real-life photoID, I see that Georgia has such laws and the rates of voting of their minorities was higher in 2012 than in North Carolina, where we do not yet have these laws, so photoID did not function to discourage minority voting.  I gratefully look forward to seeing our legislature enact this important added security for all voters.

Laura Gutman


Apologies to hungry clergy

I wish to apologize to a number of Durham clergy.

The 8th Annual CROP Hunger Walk Breakfast for the Community’s Faith Leaders was cancelled for Feb. 6, 2013, due to the limited response.  

We tried our best to get the “cancelled” word out as broadly as possible ahead of time  -- and even personally called the clergy who had RSVPd by the deadline.

Nevertheless, I’ve been informed that a number of Durham’s clergy arrived at Eno River Unitarian Fellowhip on the  morning of Feb. 6th, anticipating breakfast, and departing hungry.

We regret the inconvenience, but ask that you continue  -- as you have done so faithfully in the past – to support Durham’s March 17th CROP Hunger Walk, thereby helping those here and around the world who are chronically “inconvenienced” by hunger.

Thank you for your understanding and your critically important support.

 Joe Moran


39th Annual CROP Hunger Walk Volunteer