Letters to the editor

Feb. 04, 2013 @ 04:54 PM

Demand high for Stewart show

On behalf of DPAC I wanted to respond to Ken Berger's letter (Feb. 3). Ken expressed frustration with his efforts to purchase tickets to Jon Stewart who is appearing at DPAC March 2nd.

Stewart proved to be one of the most sought after shows we’ve ever placed on sale at DPAC. By our estimation, thousands of interested buyers logged-in, lined up or called right at 10 a.m., resulting in busy phone lines, long wait times and seats on the Internet being put into shopping carts within seconds of when sales opened. In a market area with a population of nearly 2 million, it is not unimaginable as many as 10,000 interested buyers were competing for just 2,700 tickets. Based on demand, we probably could have sold out multiple shows, but only have this one special engagement. My apologies.

DPAC never sells tickets to known brokers or resellers. There would be no reason for us to do so. Serving our direct customers with the best seats at the best prices is our ticketing mission. DPAC advises buyers to beware of tickets listed for sale on unauthorized websites. It is widely known these websites post tickets for sale they do not have; the online marketplace is filled with such ruses. If you look closely, I would bet no tickets you see listed online for resale have the exact section, row and seat # listed. This is a tip the person who posted these tickets does not really have them in hand.

Bob Klaus

General manager, Durham Performing Arts Center

McCrory invokes culture wars

When Pat McCrory was elected, I hoped he would be a pragmatic "business man" governor, like his record as mayor of Charlotte suggests.

By attacking liberal arts education at UNC, McCrory is casting himself as Jesse Helms 2.0. He is invoking culture wars that do nothing for anyone, just raise money for political parties.

I don't think that McCrory personally believes in his attacks on education, but his handlers have identified liberal arts as a hotbed of activity for minorities, women, gays and advocates for economic fairness. What a coincidence. These same groups are not represented in the Republican "base."

If Pat McCrory wants to be the chief executive for all North Carolinians, and not just the ones selected by His Holiness Art Pope, then he should be his own man and drop these silly games. Yes, the UNC system needs a thorough examination. For starters, why is it that college costs have gone up 1,120 percent since 1981, while food has gone up 244 percent? (Bloomberg study). It's easier to attack Women's Studies instead of why young women and men are mortgaging their futures to go to school.

Tony Madejczyk


Kudos for clean-up

Kudos to the young couple that spent their Superbowl afternoon picking up bottles, cans, trash, tires and car parts on Sparger Road at Beechgrove Streeet.

It looks great. Thanks again.

John Dermott