Letters to the editor

Jan. 29, 2013 @ 02:49 PM

Mayors’ call disappointing

I was disappointed to learn of the Durham, Morrisville and Chapel Hill mayors’ stance on firearms rights.

 It might interest them to know AR-15’s are not the only semi-automatic (meaning it fires one round of ammunition for each trigger pull) on the market. Two-thirds of all firearms on the market are semi-auto, including many hunting firearms. Only 323 deaths by rifle fire were recorded last year. Most were hunting or other accidents. Conversely, 782 deaths were caused by fists, hands and feet. Would this suggest we support mass amputations? Gives a whole new meaning to “disarmed,” doesn’t it?

This new push has nothing to do with the horrible events at Sandy Hook school. That shooter had 2 Glock pistols, and those poor kids would be no less gone had he used those. This push is the second-term agenda to enact sweeping gun controls by those in Congress who have always hated the freedom of the Second Amendment. 

As one who spent his entire adult life in military and civilian law enforcement, I never had a problem with a legally owned firearm. A government that cannot protect its citizens hasn’t the right to deprive them of the means to protect themselves. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It has to do with the ability to protect ourselves, even against an abusive government.

I would give my life to bring back one of those children in Sandy Hook. What I will not do is give up my constitutional rights.

Gary A. Shaw