Letters to the editor

Oct. 01, 2013 @ 11:13 AM

Seuss’s real moral

A Republican senator from Texas recently tried moralizing to America from the floor of the Senate. The interminable drivel that Ted Cruz spewed into that historic room for many hours was highlighted by his attempt to get cute with the Dr. Seuss classic, "Green Eggs & Ham".

"Americans," said Senator Cruz, "do not like green eggs & ham, and the don't like Obamacare either. They do not like Obamacare in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse."

It's sad to see that a U.S. senator apparently cannot read to the end of a rather charming, and short, children's book. Had he ever done so, he might have learned the moral of that story. In fact, about half of America would be well served to take its lesson to heart. As the genius Dr. Seuss explained so well for all of our children, you really don't know if you'll possibly like something until you try it.

Listening to people like Mr. Cruz telling us how bad something is will only result in a very bitterly ignorant and subservient populace. The interests of Mr. Cruz and his sponsors are well served by keeping people ignorant.

If you can read only as well as the senator, you needn't go to the library to try to find the book.

Ask a child to explain it to you.

Doug Roach


Fewer guns in amateur hands

Regarding Bill Wrenn's kind offer to allow me to attend his concealed-carry classes.  I did not want to leave the impression that I am unfamiliar with guns.  I got my first Junior NRA membership in 1951, my 23 years of active military service have included firing expert in most individual weapons of my era, membership in several shooting teams, and service as a staff member with the National Rifle and Pistol Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

My concern is with the idea that more weapons makes for greater safety.  I don't doubt the good intentions of the folks who feel the need for carrying a gun in normally peaceful situations.  Mr. Wrenn's training classes, no matter how well delivered, do not, in my opinion and experience, adequately qualify ordinary people to act in deadly force situations.  The recent incident in New York in which police officers wounded two citizens while firing on a suspect, shows that participation of even well-qualified individuals may have serious unintended outcomes in emergency situations.

Reason and my experience lead me to believe that the fewer guns in the hands of amateurs, in fewer places, the better.  

Paul D. Naylor


Our fall will come

Since I cannot send but one letter in a 30-day period I will address two issues I have.

-- I see that Tiger Woods has been given the 2013 Player of the Year from the PGA. I say, what a joke! He gets called twice on rule infractions and gets a "get out of jail free card" on both. He expounds the GD word on TV and no one calls him out on it. (Yes, I know it happens all the time in the real world but at this level, it's not the real world!) In my mind he does not deserve the Player of the Year!

-- The leader of the regime in this country can make a call to the Islamic cleric that wants to destroy Israel and this great country but he can't see his way to discuss the health care issue that will put us in tremendous turmoil when we can't keep (what we were promised) our own insurance and doctors. And what makes it worse he believes what that dirt bag says about his "peaceful" nuclear program. Right!!

Get your heads out of your collective rear ends, folks, and stand up to what could ultimately be the downfall of this country as it was in Rome! Fiddle if you wish, the fall will come!

Jack Lamb