Letters, Dec. 13

Dec. 12, 2012 @ 04:37 PM

Our responsibilities?

The Herald-Sun recently published a column by Tom Campbell concerning the end of compassion for our state. Dorothea Dix Hospital is now closed. He wrote that North Carolina has abandoned our core responsibilities to the mentally ill, resulting in many housed in jails, inadequately equipped nursing homes and long-term care, homes of less capable families having to manage as best they can.

We have many veterans of the Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf engagements (were they classified as wars?), and now many returning from one or more tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who need psychiatric care. The existing treatment hasn’t been sufficient. After World War II, post-traumatic stress disorder was sneered at. In the 1990s, it was a possibility talked about and maybe the disorder did exist. Now it is recognized, but how to treat it?

Read the article by Tony Dokoupil in Newsweek on Dec. 10. Are there enough veterans’ hospitals nationwide to take care of these cases sufficiently? North Carolina’s campus’ at Dorothea Dix and John Umstead could be used for the treatment of our veterans and nonveterans. Are we going to turn our backs on all of the mentally impaired, whatever the cause?

Rachel Royster


We have had enough

Many of us are fed up with this government. Obama and the Democrats are splitting this nation apart and killing our will slowly. The Republicans are not helping, either. Our government has become very corrupt. They repeatedly lie to us and play games with us. They think we are stupid and do not know what is happening. What they are doing is very intentional.

Both parties seem to have forgotten that they were put into office to work for us, to make this a better country for us and to protect us. But they are not doing so. They are working to make things better for themselves, their job security and the left. So it is time for this government to wake up and do their job, or others will do it for them.

This country will not take much more. We are being made into a weaker and poorer nation, which will turn us into a third world country. Just look at other countries and what is going on. They, too, have had enough.

Our government does not give a damn, because they are going to take a vacation now, which they do not deserve, and leave this country hanging in a very big mess. They should not be allowed to leave until all of our problems are well on the way to being solved.

Larry Hayes

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