Letters to the editor

Apr. 22, 2013 @ 07:53 PM

Collaboration between DPS and charters needs support

The Durham Peoples Alliance Education Committee is excited to hear that the Board of Education is working with our local charter schools on a document of Core Principles for Collaboration. 

We understand and applaud the BOE for voting to approve a vision of collaboration. In March 2012, PA developed and publicized "Expectations for Charter Schools in Durham County." This effort started much-needed dialogue and we are glad to see this dialogue continue.  

The Durham People’s Alliance continues to believe that all charters in Durham, like Durham Public Schools, should be inclusive institutions, open to all and serving all children.  

The proposed Core Principles include support for a “culture of cooperation, transparency, accountability and collegiality,” accepting a “collective responsibility and accountability for the education of all children in Durham” and sharing the “commitment to the task of educating children with disabilities, economic challenges and student learning.”  

We hope that these core principles will lead to more transparency in the community as well as opportunities for charters to offer low-cost lunches and transportation.

Durham Peoples Alliance believes in a vision where citizens participate in democratic decision-making within the neighborhoods and community. People affected by decisions should play a major role in those decisions.  

We challenge all citizens who have children in our pubic school system or charter schools to encourage their leadership to support these core principles of unity for the sake of all of Durham’s children.  


Kendra Montgomery-Blinn, Michael Tharp, Vicki Patton, Paula Januzzi-Godfrey, Debbie Bishop, Ann Rebeck, Justin Tosco, Page McCullough, Kathy McCullen

Durham Peoples Alliance



Thanks for Spaghetti Feast publicity

I just wanted to thank you for placing the Spaghetti Feast ad in the paper on April 9. 

The net proceeds are not final, but I think we made over $3,000 to go toward our community projects – specifically Ronald McDonald House and Special Olympics.

The Herald-Sun provides a great service to organizations such as Triangle Luncheon Civitan.  

Again, we thank you for your support.


June B. Stilley, TLC Vice President



Lid blown over “pressure cooker”

Does anyone over there READ your newspaper?

Not only are your readers subjected to almost daily errors in spelling and grammar, duplicate articles in different sections, now we see blaring evidence of your insensitivity to what's happening in the news versus what's promoted in the same day’s food section. 

Wednesday's (April 17) Herald-Sun included a front page, secondary headline, "Pressure cooker bombs suspected in Boston blast."  Imagine the dismay and near horror when we turn to the same day's food section and there on the front page, bottom right - "Pressure cooker redeems itself with dulce de leche."

WHAT?? Is this a joke? Sadly no, it isn't.

I know, I know - the food articles are mostly written by AP contributors, and you probably have no control over their choice of topics. AND I'm guessing those articles are sent to The Herald-Sun well in advance of any given Monday’s national news. 

But consider this - IF someone in your office were paying any attention to how your pages relate one to another, most sensitive humans would have pulled the food article about pressure cookers as fast as his finger could find the delete button! I would certainly hope that back-up food articles are in abundance as fill-ins, given they are not time sensitive. Cutting and pasting an equally sized article has to be pretty easy these days!   

Please actually READ your newspaper before it goes to press!


Karen Witzleben