Letters to the editor

Apr. 11, 2013 @ 07:45 PM

Clinton comment worthy of a prize

Is there a Pulitzer Prize for the best bull's-eye statement in a letter to the editor?  If so, I nominate Alan Culton of Hillsborough for his April 6 contribution that Bill Clinton's "definition of marriage is that it be between one man, one woman, one large pepperoni pizza and the girl who delivered it."


Frank Hurley

Chapel Hill


Republicans should be grateful for Obama

The Republican party should hold Obama in high esteem instead of the hate they show daily. Obama's election saved the Republican party from total extinction.

If McCain were elected, the baggage he carried with him was Palin.

The vice presidency of America is a very visible position, and the task of having to hide Palin for four years would be monumental. The bane of not hiding her would result in world-wide embarrassment.

The popularity of Palin is sinking faster than the Titanic. She is still a favorite among some Tea Party members, people that love to attend tractor pulls and those that think Larry the Cable Guy is funny.

Dusty Cooper