Letters to the Editor, May 22

May. 21, 2014 @ 10:54 AM

Paying dearly for ‘entitlements’

Wilma Liverpool's letter (May 14) clearly disrespects her forefathers, parents and Martin Luther King's efforts by not knowing her history. 

Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.  The Democrats passed the Jim Crow laws, then Dread Scott and were dominant in the KKK,  some of whom served in Washington into recent years.   Democratic governors fought school integration.  African-Americans were Republicans opposing all that and King brought the beginning of real social freedom to you. With his early death the Democrats finally were able to win you over and enslave you again with entitlements and victimhood and hate.  You have been convinced leaders like Jackson, Farrakhan and Sharpton fight for your social justice and decent successful blacks are "Uncle Toms."  

In the 1950s, 75 percent of your children had a mother and father in the home and the father worked. The children graduated from high school, weren't on the streets, in gangs and prison in near the numbers today.  How long are you going to listen to Democratic promises and continue to slip backwards waiting?  You are nothing but votes and money to them.  When are you going to see you are losing all the progress your forefathers and parents suffered to win for you? 

I think you are paying dearly for your "entitlements" and those before you are weeping.   And I weep for you.  Please, read King's speeches carefully and follow him. 

Janet Weinberg


A hand up to strong mothers

At 22, I moved to a village in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. I rented a small room which shared a courtyard with an elderly Eritrean woman whom I called "Adey" which is the T'grinia word for "mother." This past Mother's Day, I found myself thinking about this other mother of mine from so far away and long ago.

It might appear that Adey had very little to offer. Years of carrying water from distant sources had left her hunched over. No access to corrective lenses made her nearly blind. She was illiterate because she left school to be married when she was barely a teenager.

To me, a young woman in a lonely place, adapting to a completely new culture and environment, Adey had everything to offer. She provided care by feeding me dinner, companionship by teaching me how to make traditional coffee and sharing it with me during the quiet weekends, hospitality by including me in village festivals and sanity by singlehandedly killing the rat that kept stealing my food at night.

Just because someone lives in extreme poverty doesn't mean she is helpless. Adey certainly was not. This principal belief underlies the asset-based development work of Church World Service. We provide a hand-up, not a handout, to strong mothers throughout this world to fulfill their potential and care for their children -- all their children, including those who belong to them just by being neighbors.

Mary Catherine Hinds

Senior Field Director, Church World Service Southeast USA

Thanks for ‘Mutts’
I would like to commend you for running Patrick McDonnell’s comic “Mutts,” especially his latest Shelter Stories which ran from May 4 through May 10. 

The first strip shows a man and woman talking together outside an animal shelter. They both have fallen in love with a dog inside.  The strip leads one to believe they will go back to adopt her -- a wonderful ending for this dog. 

For the remainder of the days the cartoonist tells of two cats, Danny and Joey, in a shelter. These two animals exhibit their best behavior and try to entice prospective adopters to consider them and to adopt them together.  In the final day their wish comes true and they are adopted!  

Please consider their real counterparts if you are thinking of adding a pet to your family. Visit a local shelter or contact local breed-specific rescue folks.  Any computer can give access to adoptable animals in your area. Please visit www.petfinder.com and use your zip code and/or breed type to narrow your search.  Or just type in your desirable pet breed plus “rescue organizations” into your search box for more data.  Most sites have pictures and detailed information on the animals they are fostering. 

Like Danny, Joey, and the shadowy Sunday dog, so many are waiting to bring love into your home.  Help them before their time runs out.

Cindy Geiger