Letters to the Editor, May 15

May. 14, 2014 @ 01:13 PM

Benghazi was different

Ted Rueter's Sunday Letter to the Editor overlooks two important reasons why Congress should investigate the ""scandal" of Benghazi.

The attack itself is not the reason for the investigation.  The investigation is necessary to find out (1) why repeated requests by ambassador Christopher Stevens for more security at a very susceptible location were denied and (2) why the administration continued to say that it was not due to Islamic terrorists, but due to some obscure video.  Neither of these factors was present, I believe, at the embassy attacks when George W. Bush was president. 

The Benghazi embassy should have received priority security considerations in spite

of previous budget cuts because of its location. And all available evidence indicates the

video was blamed for purely political reasons because President Barack Obama had previously been claiming that Islamic terrorism was essentially defeated and to admit that it was a terrorists attack would look very bad in the upcoming election. 

The Obama people elected to lie for purely political reasons and that is a very important difference from the other attacks that needs to be exposed.

Dennis House

Chapel Hill

Legislative clout

In a recent article, the case for 'legislative effectiveness' was made by representatives from The N.C. Center for Public Policy Research that despite 70 years of institutional memory, the Durham Delegation has suddenly lost their spunk.

I disagree.

Rep. Mickey Michaux has sponsored legislation which addresses removing racially discriminatory language from our state Constitution.

Senators Floyd McKissick and Mike Woodard sponsored legislation which addresses the ease by which  individuals facing serious weapons charges are released on bond.

Speaking of Woodard, the newspaper swiftly reported his 17 absences, as a "first year senator."  However, left out was that Woodard had undergone surgery and was in recovery during this period.

Lastly, Democratic leader Larry Hall has not sat around, resting on his laurels.  He has sponsored legislation that has helped downtown business, such as The Durham Bulls Baseball Stadium and its ability to enhance profits through selling beverages of choice to its customers.  Additionally, I can attest that Hall has served Durham youth by speaking at events to boost morale among minority populations and being an example for black males by always being sharp, professional, prompt and respectful.

While the policy research center may not feel these gentlemen have clout, it is evident to me that their resumes scream a big "hell yeah!" as far as their effectiveness in advancing legislation which helps Durham, its citizens and small business.

As such, we Durhamites need neither a newspaper nor any polling to inform us of how our guys are doing.

Darius Little


Solar farms win for all

I was thrilled to learn we have several companies erecting solar farms in Durham County.  Photovoltaic energy has come a long way in just the past few years. 

It is something that makes power and profit without damaging the earth and air.  What a far better way for farmers to lease out unused fields rather than to future fracking.  No drilling rigs, high water usage, tanker trucks or well contamination.  

It's a win-win for all involved -- the landowners, the solar companies, Duke Energy which buys the power and lastly you, me and our grandchildren.
Paul Andrews