Letters to the editor

Jun. 01, 2013 @ 11:26 AM

Support child nutrition

We can solve the impossible.

The May 24th editorial, “Until technology solves hunger, it's up to us,” reports that the seemingly impossible idea of using a 3-D printer to produce food is becoming a reality. With the ingenuity and compassion in this community I'm confident that feeding 300,000 hungry children in Durham and Orange counties can be a reality, too.

Yet, good nutrition isn't needed in the Triangle alone. Globally, chronic malnutrition kills 6,800 young children each day and then ravages the survivors, who endure irreversible stunting of their physical and cognitive potential.

Preventing this loss of life and potential is achievable: Contact our state legislators as well as our senators and representatives in Washington and urge them to support domestic and global child nutrition programs. No child, whether in Durham or Orange counties or elsewhere around the globe, should go hungry.

It may seem impossible, but let’s not give up -- surely our elected officials will join us in solving this totally solvable problem.

Heather Stein

Chapel Hill

Block Smithfield Foods sale

I hope that regulators block the purchase of Smithfield Foods by Shuanghui International, Chinese food processing company.

Chinese companies have a deplorable record when it comes to adding toxic substances to products, whether they are toys that infants put in their mouths, or food and other consumer products that go into our bodies. Shuanghui was penalized by Chinese authorities for selling pork that contained a banned feed additive called clenbuterola. In March of this year, 16,000 pig carcasses were discovered in Shanghai's water supply.

Larry Pope, the CEO of Smithfield, who will keep his job and probably make millions on the deal, says this is great day for U.S. farmers because now they will be able to sell pork to China, whose appetite for meat and pork has grown with its prosperity. Why is it necessary for the Chinese to own the processor of U.S. hogs in order for the U.S. to sell pork to China? This is a one-way street and it favors China.

This is not positive for U.S. consumers.

Robert G. Harrison


Stopping wrong people

Republicans are big on stopping the immigration of Latinos to  America. They propose higher fences, more guards, drones and electrifying the fence.

I think their effort is trying to stop the wrong people from coming to our country. I don't recall any Latino flying airplanes into the a building to kill Americans. The major that killed all those troops at Fort Hood, his name was not Jose. The shoe bomber was not a Mexican. The idiots that blew up bombs in Boston were not Latinos.

I suggest the Republicans no longer listen to that fool of a sheriff in Arizona, and stop the people that really hate Americans. We know who they are. I do not want you to die for my God, and I sure do not want to die for your God.

Dusty Cooper