Letters to the editor

May. 28, 2013 @ 06:54 PM

Contact legislators

Our new N.C. General Assembly is passing a flurry of bills at a dizzying pace.  Some you may disagree with, others you may applaud.  How do we keep up, stay informed, and most importantly voice our concerns before they become law? 

Pay attention to the news and go to www.ncleg.net. This website lists committee reports, bills and the legislative calendar.  Most important, you can find and contact representatives and senators so you can phone, mail or email your opinions. They are our elected representatives sent there by us to legislate for us.  So let them know where you stand on the bills in the State Senate and House. 

Finally, be sure to contact our governor, Pat McCrory, and let him know as well at www.governor.state.nc.us.

Paul Andrews


Legislative hypocrisy

The blatant hypocrisy of the Republican members of our legislature never ceases to amaze me. These "free market" champions now want to deny Tesla Motors the right to sell cars in North Carolina simply because their business model is different than the conventional one. I thought that conservatives were in favor of a free market and competition.

Only when they are not taking payoffs in the form of campaign contributions, I guess.

Phil Kraysler


We’ve sacrificed enough

My thoughts on this Memorial Day:  

Question: What will happen to Afghanistan after we're gone?  Answer: I don't give a whit.  

I don't want one more drop of American kids' blood spilled in that place.  I don't care what happens in Iraq or Syria, either.  I don't care about Sunnis and Shiites. Turn the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay loose and send them back to that hell-hole, I don't care.

Let them kill each other.  I'm concerned with Pakistan having nukes, India having nukes, Iran trying to get nukes, and that idiot in NorthKorea.  Mr. President, you need only make one statement to the world:  If you attack us in any way, we will turn your sand to glass. Don't spend another dollar of my tax money on these places when kids in this country are hungry or can't get medical help.  We've sacrificed enough from Vietnam to today in useless wars.  Just stop it.

Danny Johnson


Insanely dumb

A Marine from Durham, Young Sonka, was killed in Afghanistan by an Afghan soldier. It is called an inside attack. What are we doing in a country fighting when this stuff is going on?

This country has turned insanely dumb with trash in the White House who will do nothing about this tragedy. We are helping the Afghans and they are killing U.S. soldiers

Lee Stem


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