Letters to the editor

May. 27, 2013 @ 11:28 AM

Sky’s not falling

If your children have never heard the story of Henny Penny and her announcement that the sky is falling, they can easily catch up to speed by reading the latest Jamie Huff fairy tale published regularly in The Herald-Sun. 

In the real Chicken Little story, she tells Foxy Loxy that the sky is falling after something had hit her on her head.  In this most recent fairy tale, it would appear that Foxy Loxy told Jamie about the sky falling and Jamie believes it.  What hit Foxy in the head is not really clear.  Notice in the most recent version of the fairy tale, there are very few facts put out by Foxy and shared by Jamie, simply allegations, sarcasm,and name calling.

Rather than the sky actually falling and the United States becoming a communist utopia run by a black dictator who wasn’t even born here,  it appears to me that our economy is getting stronger and we are slowly removing ourselves from countries we had no business invading and where we spent way too much of our national treasure on a fool’s errand.  Our worldwide credibility is making a comeback from a guy who had the lowest popularity rating of any modern U.S. president when he left office... Henny Pennys excepted.

Larry Bumgardner


Common sense

I don't have much education, but what I do have is common sense.  If our politicians had common sense they wouldn't get into so much trouble. 

I have found when you tell a lie, it's just the beginning of many lies to get out of the first lie and even then, that doesn't work.  I think the first course that a politician should take is a common-sense course.  In fact, this should be required in schools and colleges.  Common sense is the normal ability to think or reason soundly.  One thing I heard our president say the other day is that he is for the middle class.  Is that using common sense?

Whether I'm poor, rich, or in the middle, I would think he's the president of all the people.  Common sense would not let you be a divider, instead it would let you think or reason soundly. Our nation today is divided, because many of our leaders don't use or have common sense.  Scripture says every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house, falls. 

W.B. Turner


Rolling over

I will bet some of my wife's fried chicken that Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell just rolled over in his grave!

Oh, you don't know who he was? He founded the Boy Scouts!!!

Jack Lamb