Letters to the editor

May. 16, 2013 @ 04:31 PM

Kudos to Raleigh protesters

How the GOP can expect us to believe no ulterior motives lie behind the proposed restrictions for voter ID and registration laws is beyond comprehension. 

Given the rarity of voter fraud and urgency of many other issues, it is an insult to hear that the time put into passing SB 666 and 667 is in the name of “fairness” and “protection.” 

Our state lawmakers would doubtless be otherwise engaged if they didn’t have something to fear from vulnerable constituency groups who stand to be most affected by these bills - namely, students and minority voters who tend to vote Democratic. 

It seems that, instead of acknowledging and responding to the concerns of black and Latino communities to improve their chances of winning future elections, the GOP has resorted to oppressive tactics that would have a better place in the Jim Crow era. 

I applaud and stand by the courageous members of the NAACP, the students and their supporters who refuse to let our lawmakers get away with these discriminatory bills without a fight. 

To call SB 666 and 667 anything less than a slap in the face to civil rights is a sore understatement.

Laura Eshelman


Close counts in handguns and hand grenades?

Two days after the Boston Marathon bombings last month, 46 senators heroically stood firm against overwhelming public opinion to uphold a filibuster preventing a floor vote on expanded background checks for would-be purchasers of firearms.

So, our Second Amendment right to play commando soldier and slaughter one another with real-life military weapons bought at gun shows was preserved. 

But the Senate inaction does not go far enough. If good guys with automatic assault weapons can keep us safe from bad guys with automatic assault weapons, the latest Boston Massacre informs us that good guys with bombs will keep us safe from bad guys with bombs.  

Therefore, we should expand the Constitutional definition of “bearing arms” to include hand grenades.  

The people might foolishly resist this notion, but once a National Grenade Association Foundation tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) educational organization (the NGA) is set up and munitions manufacturers and like-minded patriots begin making tax-deductible donations to the NGA, lobbyists can be hired and Congress will soon see the wisdom of outfitting housewives, teachers and preachers with their very own concealed hand grenades.  

Think of how much safer we will be when ordinary citizens can blow away would be mass murderers and anyone else in their vicinity! 

Besides, what could possibly go wrong?


Richard Eckberg



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