Letters to the editor

May. 09, 2013 @ 07:54 PM

Fair Tax Act would help, not hurt, the country

The May 1 letter to the editor titled "Burr's tax reform plan would benefit Burr and friends" submitted by Robert G. Harrison exhibited Mr. Harrison's lack of knowledge or understanding of the Fair Tax Act of 2013.  

Rather than only benefiting "Burr and his rich friends," the Fair Tax would benefit everyone, including low or non-income people.

I refer Mr. Harrison to the book which was co-written by Neil Boortz and former Congressman John Linder (of Georgia), titled "The Fair Tax," for a precise and clear explanation of how eliminating the federal income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax, would be a grand improvement to the financial health of the country, without harming lower-income residents.


Johnie Joyce



Concerned about trailers and DMV tax collections

Two things I would like to address today:

The season for trucks pulling trailers has arrived. Has anyone noticed how many trailers on the road do not have valid license plates? More dangerous are those loaded with gear, hiding brake lights and the trailer is not equipped with lights, therefore, following drivers are unable to see the vehicles turn signals or brake lights. All of these instances are against existing codes, yet, I wonder how many citations are issued for these conditions? I had an officer tell me it is low on his radar.

Secondly, starting in the third quarter of this year, DMV will be collecting property taxes in addition to license fees. Since this would obviously seem to reduce the work load on County tax offices can we expect to see a reduction in office personnel?


Ken Walters



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