Letters to the editor

May. 08, 2013 @ 08:18 PM

Helping make Durham beautiful

On April 27, our neighborhood held a combined yard sale / recycle / freecycle event. We’d like to thank the Keep Durham Beautiful Committee and their partners, the City of Durham and the County of Durham, and the City of Durham’s General Services Department, for their help.

We’d especially like to thank Tania from Keep Durham Beautiful, who helped co-ordinate the event, arranging the loan of a dumpster for our neighborhood’s use. Having the dumpster present made it easy for our neighbors to dispose of large, bulky items they no longer wanted. And we want to thank Ozzie Day and Ed Malone from the General Services Department. These kind gentlemen manned the dumpster, assuring that the dumpster’s location was as clean after the dumpster left as before it arrived.

But the real beauty of this day was seeing the dumpster location become a temporary recycle center as many neighbors found items they could use which someone else had discarded. The Keep Durham Beautiful Committee, with the help of their partner agencies, and with the help of Mr. Day and Mr. Malone, made this day a very positive experience for our neighborhood. Thank you, all!


Kathi Lucas, Secretary

Heather Glen Homeowners Association



Unconventional war calls for unconventional treatment

I would like to call attention to several germane facts not covered by Joan Walsh's letter of May 3.  

The prisoners at Guantanamo are detainees in the War on Terror, which is by its nature an unconventional war whose unique structure is not addressed by the Geneva Accords.  Furthermore, it is illogical to assume that all people of conscience wish to have terrorists released to be free to prey upon their countrymen or our countrymen until the "war on terror" is concluded.  

Some of those released from Guantanamo have already re-entered the war on terror against us.

It is preposterous to think that these individuals would not again engage in the very activities that caused them to be detained. Nor is there a superior intellectual or moral perspective to believe that once released and free to become a part of the terror network that they won't be targeted by American drones that kill them without the benefit of any questioning or trial and are known to kill innocent children as part of the collateral damage. 
Even American citizens have been killed in this manner. This has the appearance of rank hypocrisy.


Philip Pearce



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