Letters to the editor

May. 06, 2013 @ 07:33 PM

Obama’s stumbled too

I take offense to your newspaper’s recent cartoons ridiculing George W. Bush’s presidency.

Being so far left, you wouldn’t dare reveal Obama’s numerous bungling missteps, so I’m taking the opportunity to list some:

His assault on the Constitution, his attack on the free market and American business, his $868 billion corrupt and wasteful stimulus bill, his annual deficits consistently in excess of $1 trillion, his miserable economy and high unemployment, his commandeering of 1/7th of the nation’s economy and thwarting the people’s will in cramming Obamacare down our throats, his war on oil drilling and the Keystone Pipeline. And there is more!


C.B. Bagley



Bush deserves blessing, but also should seek forgiveness

In general, the inclination to write a letter to the editor in response to someone else’s letter to the editor does not present itself. I am disposed today, however, to challenge at least one of the things posited by regular contributor, Ms. Margaret Hood, in her letter of May 1: “In praise of George W. Bush.”
I agree with her that there are things to be admired about our former president, among them his compassionate response to the world’s AIDS victims.
But (and call it whatever you wish) torture is not one of them. And for Ms. Hood to use the adjective “humane” when describing torture is inappropriate at best. 
I can, in good conscience, join Ms. Hood in asking God to bless George W. Bush for his humane response to suffering in Africa.
But as for torture, it seems more appropriate to ask God’s forgiveness for our having used it at all; and for the unabashed, outrageous attempt to justify it morally.

Joe Moran