Letters to the editor

Jun. 24, 2013 @ 02:57 PM

Most corrupt?

“The Obama government is the most corrupt in modern history.”

Have you heard or read that recently? It’s now the mantra of the right-wing-fringe element of the GOP. They seem to truly believe if they all say something, anything, often and loud enough it magically becomes truth, regardless of how outrageous, ridiculous and totally false it might be. 

A simple knowledge of political history would reflect several presidential administrations that make the Obama government look like a Sunday school class in comparison.  Remember the Teapot Dome Scandal? President Harding’s Secretary of the Interior was found guilty of bribery and sentenced to one year in prison? Can you think of any members of President Obama’s cabinet going to prison?

Then, of course, there’s Ronald Reagan’s presidency which holds the record for the most members indicted -- more than 20 members and associates of his administration including his press secretary, chief of staff, secretary of the interior, indicted on 41 felony counts, the national security advisor, found guilty of five criminal counts and the chief of the CIA's Division of Covert Operations, convicted of lying to two congressional committees. Now that’s a corrupt government.

The facts I’ve noted would prove to any rational person that President Obama’s government is not the most corrupt government in modern times.  Not even close.  Continuing to say it won’t ever make it true; it just makes the person saying it sound uninformed.

Lee Nelson


Parents, get involved

I was shocked that so few Durham residents attended the JCPC meeting Saturday morning at the Holton Center. 

There were a total of 21 citizens including one judge, two county commissioners and eight board members of JCPC.   This is unacceptable especially when the news this week was criticism about the high rate of suspensions of our black children.

Where are the parents of our children when we need them to learn about the community resources for at-risk youth and the need to encourage program participation by youth, especially those involved in the court system?

Parents, wake up. We need you to get involved with the lives of your children -- at school, at home and after school.

Allan Lang


Keep panhandling restrictions

I was disappointed to see there is a move to reinstate the right of panhandlers to disrupt traffic by once again occupying the medians at our busiest intersections, while seeking donations for the purchase of drugs and alcohol.

They do not lack for food because there are a number of agencies that feed those in need in this community. I have on occasion volunteered at one myself until my congregation’s group leader decided my religious fervor and refusal to self-flagellate was insufficient to be allowed to feed the hungry.

I was outraged at the suggestion that they be allowed to harass motorists who are stopped in traffic. Even their supporters admit that most of the people are mentally unstable at best, and do not fit into civil society. I am a 71-year-old cancer survivor. The idea that I can be legally threatened in my own vehicle by some sociopath seeking to take my hard-earned money is beyond rational belief. I will defend myself and my family to the best of my ability. I do not own a firearm but am tempted to purchase one if I am to be subjected to this menace.

There are many social programs in operation to help those who want to improve their lives. These people refuse to take advantage of these opportunities and would rather prey upon the public rather than submit to self-discipline.

I urge the City Council to maintain the present ordinance.

Philip Kraysler