Letters to the editor

Jan. 10, 2013 @ 03:50 PM

Reckhow clarifies

I am writing to clarify my position regarding the proposed name change for Durham Regional Hospital.

At the beginning of the discussion, I recognized the need for a name change and suggested an alternate proposal - Duke Durham Hospital. I felt that this name would capture both the Duke affiliation and the community roots of the hospital. 

After a healthy discussion of both options, the board decided to move the original proposal - Duke Regional Hospital - forward to our next regular meeting for approval. For more information and to hear the complete discussion, you can go to:


Ellen Reckhow


The writer is a member of the Durham County Board of Commissioners

Why just here?

The NRA and others are blaming the most resent murders 

on violent video games and violent movies.

The large flaw in that reasoning is trying to explain why there

are many countries that have those same video games, and the

same movies, but the people cannot attend a gun show and buy

a military weapon with a 30-round clip.

Those gun lovers say, "I will give up my gun, when you pry it

from my cold dead hands."

I say, a good way, do it.

Dusty Cooper