Letters to the Editor, May 11

May. 10, 2014 @ 11:15 AM

Is Chapel Hill being short-sighted?

Our Council will soon vote on the Ephesus Fordham (E-F) Rezoning Plan. This is a massive area up for possible redevelopment.  With the town already juggling multiple redevelopment plans (Obey Creek, Glen Lenox, downtown, etc.) do we need yet another proposal?

Our town needs to focus on environmental improvements, stormwater management, generous set-backs, buildings in character with the surroundings and architecturally significant.

We need community space, less congestion, safe roads, affordable housing and sustainable retail.

The EF Proposal includes high-density, seven-story curbside buildings (think the Aloft Hotel on Raleigh Road).  The area is in a flood zone (think Eastgate last year).  Before any new proposals are even considered, let’s improve the environmental conditions, our schools and our road system. Let’s get an accurate understanding of the finances, so development improves our tax base, rather than draining town resources and increasing our already high taxes.

Let’s insure everyone benefits from proposed changes -- businesses, neighborhoods,  schools and our community. Dr. Coker, UNC first chair of botany and for who our neighborhood was named, was very involved in caring and improving the town. He is quoted as saying: “We seem to want to turn Chapel Hill into a place like any other one-horse town trying to ape a city, and I think all of us familiar with the character and distinctive qualities of Chapel Hill ought to do everything we can to prevent such a thing”.

Erin Schwie Langston

Jill Blackburn

This letter was signed by three other individuals and the Coker Hills Neighborhood Association.

Probe attacks on Bush’s watch

House Speaker John Boehner proposes to create a select committee to investigate the “scandal” of Benghazi.

I  believe that Boehner should also form select committees to investigate each of the 13 embassy attacks which occurred under President George W. Bush, resulting in the deaths of 71 Americans. These attacks occurred at American embassies in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Syria, Greece, Turkey and Yemen, between January 22, 2002, and September 17, 2008.  Somehow, I don’t recall Fox News giving wall-to-wall coverage to these deadly attacks on our embassies under President Bush, or accusing President Bush of a “cover-up” or a “conspiracy.”  We need to spend millions of dollars on a partisan witch hunt on each of these incidents.

I also believe that these panels should also investigate why Republicans cut funding for embassy security by $300 million in 2012.

Ted Rueter

Chapel Hill

Get facts straight

Regarding Margaret Hood's diatribe about black-on-black crime in poor and drug infested neighborhoods, I would like to inform her that the incidence and prevalence of prescription-drug abuse among middle- and upper-income groups is just as high and frequent as she thinks it is in low-income communities.

I would also ask her in which neighborhoods does she believe those upper-income groups reside? Further, in 2008, which income group (s) caused the massive
and fraudulent stock market failure and crash that required a federal bailout and rescue to prevent an international financial crisis? Yet, no one went to jail.
Ms. Hood needs to get her facts straight before doing a crystal-ball analysis of drug abuse, crime and questioning the motives of Durham social-justice activists.
Jesse H Gibson