Letters to the Editor, April 27

Apr. 26, 2014 @ 11:11 AM

Reject powdered alcohol

Alcohol has been in the news recently. This time, it has taken the form of a powder initially approved for sale by the federal government. 

As the AP is reporting, that approval has hit some snags. It is unclear when or if powdered alcohol will get federal approval, but two things are clear:

1) The 21st Amendment placed control of alcohol sales and distribution in the hands of the states.  Since that time, North Carolina has been a model for alcohol control.  I have no doubt that our state leadership, both elected and appointed, will not permit this product to be sold and, thankfully, no federal rule can compel our state to do so.

2) Alcohol-related harm gets far too little attention. Excessive alcohol consumption is the second leading preventable cause of cancer and kills nearly 3,000 North Carolinians annually.  Underage drinking kills more kids than all other drugs combined and those who begin drinking before 15 are five times more likely to develop abuse or dependence than those who wait until 21 or later.

I’m thankful we can count on our state regulatory system when gimmicky products arise, but we must become proactive. The Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization have published a set of model policies to prevent excessive drinking.  Let’s put this powder behind us and move forward on those recommendations.

Dylan Ellerbee

Executive Director

NC Alcohol Policy Alliance


Help ‘dream come true’

The first week of June will be the 70th and final official D-Day remembrance ceremony in Normandy, France.

We are a group of students from East and Chapel Hill High Schools who have made it our goal to raise money for two veterans and their family member from our area so they will be able to attend this important event. Neither of the veterans we are trying to fund has been able to go back to the places he fought, and for Ed Chappell (a D-Day veteran) it will be, as he has told us, a “dream come true” to visit and attend ceremonies at the beaches that he helped liberate 70 years ago.

We are seeking to raise money for flights and lodging for a week for Ed Chappell, who was on the first wave at D-Day, and Mark Sumner, who fought bravely in the Battle of the Bulge and across Europe. The prices for flights will only rise as time passes, so we are in desperate need of some help to make dreams come true.

You can donate through the Public School Foundation http://www.publicschoolfoundation.org/ and designate the funds: NC to Normandy or contact our teacher leader directly: Robin McMahon rmcmahon@chccs.k12.nc.us  919-918-2145 ext. 21425.  

We deeply appreciate any contribution.

Tyler Roush, Graham Austin, Sarah McMahon, Melissa Turner

Chapel Hill