Letters to the editor

Feb. 24, 2014 @ 11:19 AM

People could not have been nicer

It was the worst of times and the best of times.
I wish I knew the names of all the people who helped me on Feb. 12 when I got caught in the snowstorm in Durham (trying to get to Raleigh). Several people pushed my car -- including two women, one of whom pushed it twice! I received help when my cellphone stopped working and was generously given a ride to a motel.
The surprising thing was that everyone I met was good-natured, taking the weather in stride. Thank you to the folks at Kangaroo Express (CITGO) on Highway 54 and the Extended Stay on Highway 55. You could not have been nicer. 
Jane Shaw Stroup

Willingham’s agenda
Through its reporting of Feb. 21 ("Willingham speaks out about academic reform"), The Herald-Sun has perhaps unwittingly unmasked UNC's "adviser" Mary Willingham.
Heretofore depicted charitably in media reports as a researcher, vilified and persecuted for having the audacity to make public troublesome findings, Willingham's own words as reported expose her as no investigator, but a zealot and social engineer on a mission to bring down one of the liberal left's stock-in-trade bogeymen, a "cartel" of "old white guys," this time in the form of the NCAA.
A hammer is not a research tool, and one suspects her investigation amounted to nothing more than a compilation of selected data points to support foregone conclusions and advance lifelong personal agenda.
UNC is embarking on further investigation of suspected academic malfeasance and fraud within the institution. This should include an examination of the ethics of Willingham's "research," the integrity of her data, and the validity of her conclusions.

TA Sporn