Letters to the editor

Jun. 22, 2013 @ 12:43 PM

Leave local decisions local

While I have no problem with the proposed 751 South development, I have a big problem with the state forcing the City of Durham to supply services to areas outside the city and forcing the city to annex property that will pose a financial hardship on its citizens. 

We elect our local officials and they are the ones who should make decisions on local issues.  If we don’t like those decisions then we “vote the rascals out.”  I am a firm believer that we are governed better by the government that is closest to us, in this case the city and the county.  I would think with the recent mandates coming down from the federal government to the states, our state government would be sensitive to this practice and not perpetuate it.

I am fairly conservative in my views and voted for both Mitt Romney and Pat McCrory.  This type of top-down government is certainly not what I would expect from a Republican General Assembly.  What happened to the “government that rules best, rules least?”

North Carolina has more important issues than local development.  I hope that our state legislators will see fit to leave local decisions local and not infringe on local government’s ability to control its own borders, services and financial decisions.

David Smith

Chairman, Friends of Durham

Misunderstanding NAACP

In reference to the letter (June 20) stating that the NAACP does not "stand up for citizens", the writer misunderstands the purpose of the NAACP while simultaneously confirming its need to exist. 

Because of continuing bigotry in this country in spite of many good citizens, the NAACP must remain vocal but cannot afford to try to resolve an olio of causes. The NAACP fights against bigotry toward all races, and its membership encompasses a number of races and colors.

The writer's  problem could best be addressed by the EPA or perhaps a Hillsborough elected official. Joining the NAACP would do nothing to solve her problem.

Flora S. Whitaker


Thanks to firemen

A special “thank you” to the firemen who pulled their truck over on Martin Luther King Boulevard and Shannon Road Monday to help this senior citizen with a flat tire on such a busy thoroughfare.

Their changing my tire quickly saved me from worry and stress.  These gallant men do more than fight fires!!

Marcella Kaye Sullivan