Letters to the editor

Jun. 19, 2013 @ 11:22 AM

Farm bill important

I’m surprised you haven’t been covering the Farm Bill more closely, since it’s moving through the national legislature and is important for North Carolina. The Farm Bill shouldn’t focus on Big Ag, but should strive to impact local communities by helping smaller farms that are struggling.

Only 1 percent of food consumed in North Carolina is grown here — which is absurd, considering we have many small farms and over 150 organic farms. Most food sold in our supermarkets comes from other states’ polluting agribusinesses.

Small, clean farms need help with distribution infrastructure and schools should be able to use their school lunch dollars to buy food produced sustainably in their own districts.

We need the Farm Bill to support farms that are doing things right and to fund programs that help them sell their produce locally. It’s not like we don’t eat here.

Hannah Anderson-Baranger


Get a grip

To the lady tail-gating me on Roxboro Road on Father's Day, shaking your fist out your car window and "flipping" me off as I made a quick turn, I finally figured out what enraged you so much.

I still have my "Obama" magnet on the back of my car. I could make out your verbal slurs against the President in my rearview mirror. Needless to say, it was sad, scary and reckless behavior on your part. Get a grip!

Patti Lang


Stand up for everyone

Recently, I have watched the demonstrators in Raleigh standing along side the

NAACP to "stand up for citizens."

But I have to ask, is this all for media coverage? And if they stand up for all citizens why did they obtain water clean enough to drink for only the Rogers Road Residents and not the other properties adjacent to the Orange County Landfill?  For years a small segment has been denied "water safe enough to drink." Merin and Billabong Lane have been discriminated against while others have been permitted to hook up to a municipal water supply.  Recently, I learned three residents at the end of Billabong had been permitted to hook up to the municipal water, why not the rest of us?

When you stand beside a group who claims to stand up for everyone, ask if they

really are standing up for everyone or is this just for media coverage and to cause

law enforcement extra work?  They certainly did not help all of the residents in

Orange County obtain water safe enough to drink, or was this just an oversight?

The NAACP claims it stands up for all citizens; must I join to get water safe enough

to drink?

They claim on TV that Americans take safe water coming from their tap for granted.

Not all of us take any blessing for granted.

Thank you God for providing all our needs .

Janice Putnam