Letters to the editor

Jun. 13, 2013 @ 05:44 PM

Not conservative

In a recent exhortation to supporters, Gov. Pat McCrory revealed what many have long suspected — the objectives of his administration are anything but conservative. “We want to change the status quo in government and change this economy.” Indeed some members of the new General Assembly have pushed through a number of rapid and radical changes. Lip service is paid to the ideal of “limited government,” but many new laws extend the reach of state government in the lives of North Carolinians.

The “voter ID” bill puts obstacles in the way of citizens seeking to exercise the right to choose their elected officials. Other bills give the state power to overrule city governments on a number of local issues. The McCrory administration did not begin the policy of compulsory pooling, but it has done nothing to protect the interests of farmers and landowners who would like to control what is done with, on and under their property.

An example of the status quo the new administration would change is SB 820 passed a year ago in good faith with bipartisan support. It required that regulations be reviewed and voted on before fracking permits were issued. SB 76 — as passed by the Senate this winter -- eliminates that requirement and with it the opportunity for citizen input and transparency. SB 76 is ironically titled “the Domestic Energy Jobs Bill.” Given the many real dangers inherent in fracking, a hasty implementation without adequate safeguards could jeopardize the jobs of many North Carolinians.

Lynn Mitchell Kohn


Breath of fresh air

In a paper that certainly has its fair share of liberal views, this morning's edition was a refreshing breath of fresh air with two Letters to the Editor, one from Alan Culton and the other from Jamie Huff.

These men, both known to the editorial page, provided me with my morning chuckles and are sure to evoke quick responses from the other side of the spectrum. Bring it on!

Ken Walters