Letters to the editor

Jun. 12, 2013 @ 08:18 AM

Environment of anarchy

With all the turmoil in the world, here in North Carolina, one will find that they are not exempt from the environment of anarchy.

The prime example of this is the protest taking place in Raleigh by those who are anarchists. They only want their way. My way or the highway, so to speak. They do not respect lawful order.

These anarchists have now made their point. The legislature should demand an injunction to stop this disruption of lawful government doing its business. They should now be restricted to a 500-foot distance from the legislators and their place of governing.

The good people of North Carolina elected its representatives. If these anarchists want a change, let them do so through elections. They have no right in a lawful and structured government to disrupt its deliberations. Enough said.

H. Lucas Lloyd

Chapel Hill

Lighting a fire

Thank you for your coverage of the Moral Monday witness.  I'm struck that the protest is taking place during the 50th anniversary of the long hot summer of landmark but often tragic 1963 civil rights events.  The murder of Medgar Evers. A governor standing in the schoolhouse door denying entry.  The bombing of a Sunday school class.  

The civil rights movement then and the Moral Monday movement now have in common the notion that everyone is a child of God deserving of dignity and respect. Public policy that denies access to polls, erects barriers to health care, etc., flies in the face of this core ethical teaching of religious faith.

Thank you Moral Monday.  Perhaps your witness will light a fire not only in North Carolina but in other states as well. 

The Rev. Jim Watkins

Pawleys Island, S.C.

Times have changed

Frederick Lawson's Letter to the Editor entitled "Show your hand" was right on point. I enjoyed it and agree wholeheartedly. We need more like him.
The Republicans and Teapublicans are trying to set us back to the "days of old." More positive strides in all areas would be possible if the Senate and the House of Representatives would cooperate with the President instead of trying to set him up for failure.
We need fewer people like Lee Stem who thinks like Margaret Hood. Times have changed! Get over it!
Olivia Gilmore