Letters to the editor

Apr. 02, 2013 @ 08:06 PM

Great season for Blue Devils

Congratulations to Coach K and the Blue Devils on a great season. I am always proud of the kids on and off the court. They represent what outstanding young men should be, intelligent, high-level, and high character. Well done.


Danny Johnson



We can do something about fossil fuel consumption

Regarding Mr. Harry Phipps’ last letter, let me say that although there have been other episodes of global warming in the past, presumably due to earth's orbit and/or inclination, scientists have studied ice cores and other natural “records” and related some of the periods of global warming to increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Mr. Phipps also criticized my comment about “acidification of the oceans.” I would only correct that by saying that the oceans are becoming less alkaline. This is well documented and makes sense considering an alkaline media's ability to absorb/react/neutralize an acid. The acid, of course, is carbonic acid that is formed by the combination of carbon dioxide (absorbed from the atmosphere) with water (the ocean).

The crucial thing is that, if he is wrong (I would like to say when he is wrong), it will be too late since there is precious little chance of “refossilizing” all that carbon in any reasonable timeframe.

And, unlike changing the earth's orbit, eliminating the consumption of fossil fuels is something we can do something about!


Russell Seaman