Letters to the editor

Mar. 27, 2013 @ 09:07 PM

Hillary Clinton unqualified to be president

With regard to the Forum column by Kathleen Parker, “Hillary’s time may be coming …” the writer glosses over Clinton’s record.

Perhaps the most disgraceful act of her career was covering up Bill’s alleged rape of one, Juanita Broderick back in Arkansas. How much did she pay her to keep quite, and how much did she and Mr. Tyson bully her?

She claims to represent the working class and looks down with scorn at white people with wealth and power, yet while living in Arkansas at the governor’s mansion, it cost the taxpayer $750,000 a year for her entertainment, while she doled out lucrative contracts to businesses represented by her Rose Law Firm. She earned $200,000 in fees by these businesses, yet not once used this money for your own expenses, instead, she bled the taxpayers for $750,000. 

In Arkansas, where she attempted to revamp the education system, the result was a bloated state bureaucracy, where ACT scores declined in the first year, and by the time she and Bill left Arkansas, that state was near the bottom of academic performances.

With regard to foreign policy, it’s well known that she is no friend of the Jews, or Israel. Since college she has been pro-Arafat and pro-PLO and, in fact, she told Bill that the PLO were a bunch of freedom fighters against the oppressive Israelis. Ms. Clinton even defended Vanessa Redgrave when at the Academy Awards she referred to Israelis as “Zionist hoodlums.” Ms. Clinton is uniquely not qualified to run this country.

Rene Paul de la Varre

Chapel Hill


Congress gets in the way of educators

In Sunday’s paper, Rick Bean stated “Congress cannot solve this problem. Educators, it’s time to speak up above all the noise. What are your solutions?”  

Unfortunately, any problem seems to find a solution in Congress regardless of the enumerated powers in the Constitution. Educators can speak out, but because of the dominance of Congress in areas where they don’t belong, the educators are drowned out. 

What we need is a revival of constitutional authority and get the Congress out of our backyard. Education is just one of those areas where local solutions are better than the national solutions. 

Looking at the SAT scores from 1972 to 2005, they show that before the Department of Education was formed, the total scores equaled 1,039, but declined from that to a 2005 total of 1,028, and much lower in the 1990s. While the Federal Department of Education cannot be totally blamed for that decline, it certainly had a finger in the pie.


Robert H. Appleby