Letters to the editor

Mar. 14, 2013 @ 08:04 PM

County needs to reduce spending

In January, I received the Durham County Tax Office's newly assessed value on our 1976 Chevy pickup truck. They increased the assessment from $500 to $10,800!

I called the tax office and they said the increase was correctly assessed, at NADA values, and also countywide on pickups classified as antiques. I flipped. The truck has rust all over and 200,000 miles. I keep it because my father in-law ordered it new. I use it to carry trash to Bahama and to take my furry buddies for a ride.

I did research on Craigslist and took pictures to their office they said they would reduce to $3,500. I said not good enough, appealed, and after a couple months got it reduced to $1,000. How many folks will just pay or accept the incorrectly reduced $3,500 valuation?
Did property taxes decrease with the deflation of your property values? No, counties just push scheduled reassessment dates back till property values return or they assess at the deflated value and readjust the cents per $100 valuation to retain the current tax net coming in.

Government never stops growing, even in times when we the taxpayers have to watch our pennies. Now, Durham County wants to raise property taxes by 6.7 percent and have a $125.45 million bond referendum this November. Please share this and email your county commissioners and tell them they need to reduce their budgets to cope with a tough economy as we have done. 

Wallace Chambers


Our rivalries rock

Woah!!!  Ya’ll were just too quick to jump on that young journalist at UNC over her claim about the folks from Durham committing crime in Chapel Hill.  She cited a couple of cases to illustrate her point and Saturday night produced even more evidence that she might be on to something.  Those Blue Devils from Durham did a home invasion over in Chapel Hill, assaulted those Tar Hills in their own house, and robbed them of a victory. 

This might have been a crime of retaliation.  I seem to recall that not long ago those Tar Heels committed a similar act upon those Blue Devils at their home over at Cameron.  I don’t think this is over; at least I hope not.

I am proud of these two teams as well as the Eagles and the Wolfpack and we are fortunate to live in an area where such athletic rivalries and superior talent exists.   When these teams play, things rock!

Kent Fletcher