Letters to the editor

Sep. 22, 2013 @ 01:42 PM

Using deadly force

Deadly force is the use of physical force under the circumstances in which it is used, capable of causing death or serious bodily harm. The use of deadly force is generally illegal unless it meets four requirements: self-defense, defense of a third person, law enforcement or crime prevention.

There have been some highly publicized cases involving deadly force recently in Durham. Just last week, Derek Deandre Walker was killed by police after threatening suicide downtown. This apparently took place after aiming a gun at police and residents in the area. 

This case posed a cry for help just like the one involving the former Florida A&M football player in Charlotte but definitely composed of different circumstances. 

Let's get one thing clear. Everything is not always about race in these situations. Many times, it is what you are taught and obligated to do, versus where to shoot in a matter of a split second. 

Once a person points a gun at another that defines simple assault and an immediate threat. Therefore, this gives police the right to use deadly force, as well as any other citizen who feels that threat is intended for them. 

Many suicide and homicide cases are linked to the number-one mental disorder in America, depression. Before being quick to critique others actions, we need to make sure we are helping one another while opportunity exists.    

Kim D. Brummell



GOP recipe for disaster

I am convinced the Republican Party is trying to shut down Obamacare based on their hope for political survival.

Just like in 1993 when they fought tooth and nail against the health care plan that Hillary Clinton came up with, they realize that the public is going to love it once it is implemented.  

Even in ‘93, polls showed the public supported every one of the individual ideas of the plan, but didn’t support the overall plan. I think too many Americans fail to actually look at what is being offered and rely instead on being spoon-fed information that is tainted by money and by politics.

The Republicans are poised now to lose a last-ditch effort to stop the thing that is going to destroy them.  But they know it is their only chance. They’d be better off landing on the right side of this debate, but they know that this health plan is going to forever be remembered as a Democratic idea and that Republicans fought it tooth and nail. They are leaving a heck of a legacy.

The intolerance of the Republican Party is simply breathtaking. Their deeds do not match their words. For freedom-loving leaders, they are specialists in restricting folks’ behavior, especially folks who don’t traditionally vote for them. The freedom they do support has to do with the freedom to arm ourselves to the teeth. 

These guys are a recipe for disaster. North Carolina is about to learn how this works.

Larry Bumgardner