Letters to the editor

Sep. 20, 2013 @ 02:37 PM

Ashamed by this country
When did we become so cruel in the United States? We will go to the mat to deny working people health care, a Republican idea that worked in Massachusetts.
The Republican House of Representatives now wants to cut food stamps by $40 billion, much of this to working families who are trying to make ends meet and half of these funds go to children. Children!
Don't give poor families disposable diapers, why, just let them find a tub somewhere and wash the cloth ones themselves? This was paraded in this newspaper by women who probably never worked and was launched against other women. When did it come to this?
Are we so jaded now that we will just let all these folks fend for themselves? How can anyone justify this type of behavior? I am ashamed and embarrassed by this country.
Susan Leggett

No easy answers
Imagine this realistic scenario:
“Use cloth diapers!” read a single mother with two toddlers. She lost her husband to a car accident. She has no family in the area.
She went back to work in a low-paying job and put the kids in day care. She wonders if she’ll be able to pay the rent. Diapers for two cost a fortune. Food stamps won’t pay for them.
“Could I use cloth diapers?” Since the day care requires the disposable kind, she would have to quit her job. She could use cloth at night and disposable during the day. But, she still has to have a supply of disposable diapers.
Then, the question becomes, “Cloth diapers or child care so I can work?” Something to think about. There are no easy answers to the issue of poverty.
Lynn Odom