Letters to the editor

Sep. 18, 2013 @ 06:13 PM

Stand up to drilling interests

Kudos to the Granville County residents who delivered such passionate testimony opposing fracking to the Board of Commissioners. Albert Eckel’s claim that there has been “no contamination of water” in over one million fracked wells fails under the weight of testimonies from residents who have personally seen water contaminated.

A peer-reviewed study by Duke University further discredits his claim by linking fracking with severe drinking water contamination. We stand to lose iconic waterways like Jordan Lake and the Eno River to contamination if we do not keep this dangerous form of drilling out of our state. Not only do they provide drinking water to millions of North Carolinians, but they are also a great place for residents to hike, swim and fish. The Environmental Affairs Committee’s warning that poisoned wells have “been documented repeatedly” should not go unheeded.

I urge the Mining and Energy Commission to stand up to private drilling interests and document the dangers fracking poses to our safe water in their upcoming resolution. Gov. Pat McCrory and State House Speaker Tom Tillis should also listen to the Granville County residents and hold our moratorium on fracking while considering a permanent ban to protect North Carolina’s water forever.

Danny Fry


In love with Putin

I hear certain Americans are so in love with Vladimir Putin right now that they want to move to Russia. 

Well, I for one consider that an excellent idea.  They would also have full support for an anti-gay agenda and a strong leader who hates our president.  And black people are not so popular there, come to think of it.

If anyone needs help with obtaining a passport, we could set up a help line at Democratic Headquarters if you like.

Go on, follow your dream!  That will show us lefty crazies!

You have my heartfelt backing.  Go for it!

For my fellow progressives who can’t see the president playing three-dimensional chess while the rest of them are playing checkers, you might want to think about it, stick around and keep the faith a little longer.

Lois Henry


Disposable diapers a luxury

Mayor Bill Bell is encouraging the public to donate diapers to help families with small children.   I assume they are looking for disposable diapers.  Rightfully, the Food Stamp Program does not cover this item.

Come on people!  Disposable diapers are a luxury item.  Use cloth diapers like a lot of us did, and save money and save the landfill.

Donna Medlin