Letters to the Editor, Jan. 3

Jan. 02, 2014 @ 04:02 PM

Don’t comics readers matter?

Well, it does not surprise me that the editors have once again decided that comics readers don't matter.  You dropped Frazz, Judge Parker and Red and Rover and added a stupid and poorly illustrated Fort Knox comic (who made THAT decision?).  What happened to earlier policy of surveying readers before making changes? 

Oh that's right!  You guys have decided that the readers are no longer important. Umm, maybe that is why you don't sell as many newspapers these days. Is there a reasonable explanation for the changes or just an editor's whim?  You may, unless those comics return, have lost a loyal, everyday reader.  The N&O already provides more interesting coverage of Durham's news.

Jim Cronin


Proud of Duke football

I am as proud of the Duke football team as if they had won the National Championship! They played with guts, honor and class.  Congratulations to the players and coaches in what was a marvelous year.  You earned your respect.  

And thank you from one who used to walk from Few Gardens to the stadium way back when Sonny Jurgensen was the quarterback.  Next year I plan on doing something I haven't done in many years:  buy a season ticket.  I urge all Duke fans to do the same and fill up the stands.

Danny Johnson


Dumbing down comics

Thanks for ruining our family's New Year by so severely dumbing down your comics section.  You couldn't have done a better job in choosing our favorite comics to remove!  We will sorely miss Peanuts, Red and Rover, Get Fuzzy, Shoe and Funky Winkerbean.  Most of all, we will miss Pearls Before Swine, which is sometimes outrageous but consistently clever.

How could you!

Allan Eckhaus

Chapel Hill