Letters to the Editor, Jan. 1

Dec. 31, 2013 @ 12:33 PM

Misplaced austerity

We’re living in an upside-down society, one that takes from the poor and gives to the rich. 

The administration just signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that provides $527 billion for the Pentagon and another $80 billion for the war in Afghanistan for 2014-15.  And Wall Street is making record profits while millions are without jobs. 

This is billions for wealth and war, but austerity for the rest of us.  Today, the wealth gap is at its historical worst, trailing only Russia, Ukraine and Lebanon among countries with at least a quarter million adults.  There is so much that is wrong with this picture. Is this the new austerity we are all supposed to accept, with cuts in unemployment benefits, education, health and many other vital services while the public’s money is spent fattening the bloated military industrial security complex that this country has become?  

Enough is enough! 

It’s long past time to take it all back.  We can restore the environment, stop funding wars, provide living wages and jobs, make health care for all a human right, prevent climate catastrophe with sustainable energy and reverse the wealth gap.  It will take great dedication to notions of social justice and equality on the part of we the people to turn this around, but it can be done and we need to start now.  

Tim McGloin


What’s Hagan done?

The Asian population is 6 percent. They commit 7 percent of murders, 1 percent of robberies, 7 percent of rapes and .5 percent of violent crimes.  The black population is 13 percent. They commit 49 percent of murders, 55 percent of robberies, 32 percent of rapes and 38 percent of violent crimes. Poverty rates by race: black 27 percent; Asian, 12 percent. Black families receive 19 times more welfare money than Oriental families.  Single mom families, by race: blacks 67 percent; Asian 17 percent.  Any relationship to the preceding?  (Some of the statistics may be shaky.)

What specific actions has Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) taken to improve these statistics?

James B. Smith