Letters to the Editor, Dec. 20

Dec. 19, 2013 @ 05:53 PM

What’s Hood smoking?

I had to chuckle at John Hood's article comparing the United States to ... Poland. Having Polish parents and cousins in the old country (yo, Jacek!), I feel qualified to speak to this specific set of misinformed opinion.

Hood thinks we can wave a wand in the United States and children will suddenly have the same awesome grades they do in Poland. That wand includes privatization of our public schools, paying teachers a poor wage and stuff like getting rid of food stamps, public policy positions held by the people who pay John's salary, but oddly, not positions held by the Polish government.

Understand this, Poland has only been a democracy since 1989. True, as a people, Poles have held democratic traditions since at least the 1500s, but currently they are still in the process of nation-building. Unlike our nation of immigrants, Poland is made up of mostly...slavic Polish people. Their current success is in some ways a backhanded compliment to the high rate of literacy and education that their formerly communist nation achieved. They are building upon this very foundation, as other communist countries are doing, and one day a free Cuba will, too.

Is "American exceptionalism" the belief that you can steal land from the Indians after almost killing almost all of them, bring in slaves from Africa while killing most of them, then suddenly believe everything is going to turn out all right as it does today in a formerly communist country in central Europe? John Hood, what are you smoking?

Tony Madejczyk


‘Sponsor filtering’ at work

Colin Powell wants to know: Why don’t we join the rest of the civilized world -- in providing true access to quality medical care for all citizens -- by adopting single-payer? 

And the question we ought to be asking: Why aren’t the major networks -- from hard-left to hard-right and everything in between -- all over this story? Especially when health care is again front and center.

The answer to both is the same: “Sponsor Filtering” -- whereby Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Insurance advertising dollars determine not only what we hear but what we don’t hear.

Think we have freedom of the press, freedom of the media? Think again.

Lou Meyers