Letters to the Editor, Dec. 17

Dec. 16, 2013 @ 03:53 PM

It could happen here

Reyn Bowman’s opinion piece in Sunday’s Herald-Sun touched on a very real and urgent issue. He described a “clear cut to a sea of stumps” on a previously forested area. And he said it was a sight “we could be seeing all over Durham.”

I’ve lived through the destruction of a beautiful subtropical area -- South Florida. I went there as a child in 1951, grew up in Miami, had my three children there and relished the flora and fauna as well as the small-city atmosphere. (In 1951 it was a town atmosphere.) But the planning and development of the city allowed it to degenerate to the point where I left in 1996. It was so sad to see the lovely lands sacrificed to immediate interests, perhaps monetary gains. Like here.

I believe that if Durham is not watchful the same thing could happen here. Bowman clearly lays out the consequences of this clear cut of this single parcel and of the patchwork of government agencies responsible. This is a recipe for unfettered development, with the result that Durham could very well end up like Miami or many other urban areas sacrificed to the immediate, short-term gain, without regard to the long-term consequences.

Ann Reaben Prospero