Letters to the editor

Dec. 11, 2013 @ 04:23 PM

This president ethical?

Joan Walsh in her letter today, should have stopped before praising our President -

“our current president, who has twice the I.Q. of our last one and - I like to think -

several times the ethical sense....”

This refers to a President who has greatly misled the general population in regards

to his infamous health care plan (which one must pass before finding out what is

in it). Even misleading Congress by getting them to vote yes, because he issued

an executive order preventing abortion being paid for in the new bill. We are now

in the courts trying to get this reversed.

Ethical in using the IRS against groups who opposed his positions on issues?

Ethical in not supporting our overseas embassies?

One could go on, but surely we do not have a President who is more ethical than

those who preceded him.

Robert H Appleby



Drones might destroy great potential too

In his recent column, Eugene Robinson is correct that killing innocent civilians with drones makes us, Americans, complicit in murder. Drone attacks are aimed at persons suspected of terrorism. But often those near the missile strike are also killed. The persons targeted may or may not be terrorists. They may simply be dissenters who think that political change in their country is needed. 

Nelson Mandela was such a man and was on the U.S. terrorist watch until 2008. At his trial in 1964, the judge sentenced him to life, noting that the usual punishment in a case like his would be hanging. 

Upon his release from prison, Mandela became a great statesman and peacemaker. He can rightly be called the father of modern South Africa.

If missile-armed drones had been available to South African leaders in the early 60s, it is likely that Mandela would have been assassinated and never have had his day in court.

What a terrible loss to South Africa and to the world that would have been.

We know almost nothing about who is being killed with drones, targets or bystanders, or what the long term consequences will be.

Joe Burton