Letters to the editor

Dec. 14, 2013 @ 01:41 PM

Unconvinced about alleged circumstances of teen’s death

Police Chief Jose Lopez, either you are a fool or everyone else in Durham is!
Houdini could not pull off the feat that you say Jesus Huerta managed, if he really was searched and his hands handcuffed behind him.
Bill Bell and other elected officials and city manager, are you going to leave this unchallenged? The SBI is not releasing its finding. Why? I know what their statement said. As for the internal investigation, I have never ever believed any of those. I don't ever recall an cop been found wrong based on an internal investigation
I once had my hands cuffed behind me. Believe me, it is hard to sit in the back seat of a patrol car without your shoulders feeling as if they are coming unjoined. Hard to sit or move.
This is much worse than racial profiling!!
Dock Terrell

Celebrating Christ
My Dad wrote this for publication last year.  This year, he recovered from triple bypass surgery and celebrated his 83rd birthday. My family wishes everyone we meet a Merry Christmas!

Holiday parties are being planned for December. This has been happening over the past years under the disguise of political correctness. The minority of Americans, 16 percent, are successful in taking Christ out of Christmas.
Most of the retailers avoid the word Christmas in their advertising. Even the Salvation Army has eliminated the word Christmas on the red donation buckets.
The retailer problem can be fixed. Let’s only shop at retailers who display the word Christmas during the season. Let the 84 percent of us stand up and be heard to support Christmas.
Dec. 25 is Christmas –- Christ’s Day.
Whether you share in the mystical, religious beliefs or not, Christ was, at the very least, a historical figure whose teachings elevate the spirit of men. To celebrate his day as anything else is insulting and cheats our children out of understanding a profound part of our country’s heritage. To walk the political plank of correctness by morphing Christmas into “December Nights” or “holiday season” is sad.
Let’s celebrate the good fortune we have living in a country that adopted Christ’s values.
Those who possess a gift of faith can celebrate their beliefs. Those who believe in something else or in nothing at all can celebrate that.
Thank Christ for teaching the values that allow both.

Michael Healey
Durham, NC