Letters to the editor

Aug. 05, 2013 @ 04:45 PM

Governor should be truthful

Has our society really deteriorated to the point where it is okay with people that politicians blatantly lie to them? I refer to Pat McCrory emphatically stating on the campaign trail that he would not impose further restrictions on access to safe and legal abortions in North Carolina. Yet here he is, fresh from signing a bill designed to do just that. He makes no apologies for his behavior.

I am dismayed that my fellow North Carolinians are tolerating this kind of conduct and I urge everyone to contact him and let him know that, at the very least, our governor should be truthful with the people of North Carolina.

We need to let the general public of women all over the United States to not come to North Carolina if they value their independence, their freedom of choice, their personal rights and their equality. They will not receive any of this under the current administration.

Deborah Bair


Time to go

Eric Becoats just violated board policy and state law.   He was previously reprimanded while working in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for similar actions.

Becoats fires Durham Public Schools teachers for less than this. The board just gave him a slap on the wrist.  How can he be trusted to lead the school district with this type of  double-standard behavior?

Grow a backbone, school board, and let him see what it feels like to be fired. It is time for him to go.

Linda Huntley


Beyond offensive

Jack Lamb’s letter “Changing Religion” (Aug. 2nd) was beyond offensive.

While I know that most readers are well aware that the overwhelming majority of the world’s followers of the Prophet Mohammed are not women-hating, suicidal murderers; still, after reading his sad submission – one of the most scurrilous ever printed in The Herald-Sun’s Letters to the Editor- I found myself in sore need of someone to remind and assure me that neither are most Christians ignorant, bigoted and mean-spirited.

Joe Moran