Letters to the editor

Aug. 03, 2013 @ 02:19 PM

Support local farmers

On July 11, the U. S. House passed a version of the farm bill that removed nutritional and food stamp assistance and other key protections, all in the name of budget cuts. With only nine more legislative days before the farm bill expires, Congress faces a time crunch that will be difficult to beat, even though this deadline comes after a nine-month extension.

The drastic spending cuts are strongly opposed by the Democrats in both the House and the Senate, with the Senate going so far as to say that they would not have any part in a farm bill that does not include food stamps.

The House’s version also cuts the Conservation Stewardship Program that helps conserve natural resources and includes anti-farmer provisions that would end regulation for fair and competitive agricultural markets.  Although the House passed an unsupportive bill, we want to encourage the Senate to pass a bill that would lend the greatest support to local farmers like the ones we value in North Carolina. The Senate bill has higher funding for rural development, crop insurance, conservation accountability and organic farms.

So much is up in the air for passing the new five-year bill, but we need to ensure that the local farmers and people that need the support the most receive it, and partisan arguments don’t get in the way with the goals of nourishing people with healthy, local food.

Amelia Fisher 

Chapel Hill

What God?

Patrick, go forth amongst thine people. Taketh the food from the poor, the outcasts

the unfortunate and especially the children of thine flock! Shun all those who shall teacheth thine children to readeth and writeth. Carve tablets  of law that keepeth women thine servants.

Join hands with the userers and horders of gold and all other earthly treasures.

Thou shalt useth and mindlessly consume all the earth has to offer as  all  has been

created for thine to harvest. Thine harvest and treasure shall not be shared by all in thine flock.

Thou shalt leave a basket of unleavened sweet bread at the feet of the poor, the outcasts,

the old and the young as this shall be a gift from thine hands to silence their hunger.

Useth my name to bless them all as you return to thine  golden tower. 

Bob Vasile