Letters to the editor

Aug. 01, 2013 @ 05:50 PM

Ruffin’s positive impact

Wednesday’s editorial (July 31) was a testament to the incredible positive impact that Mike Ruffin has had on the Durham community.  Durham has been indeed fortunate to have his services and perspectives for these many years.

As the former president of Downtown Durham Inc., I would add two personal observations to Mike’s impressive resume.  First, when many county governments across North Carolina have been deserting downtowns, Mike was a key player in making sure that Durham County government not only stayed in downtown, but made significant investments to grow in downtown and become a major player in downtown’s renaissance.  You need look no farther than American Tobacco, the DPAC, the Human Services Center, the new Courthouse -- and the list goes on.

Secondly, I have been honored to call Mike my friend over all these years, and to have witnessed his one and only golf hole-in-one.

Bill Kalkhof


Impoverishing middle class

If you’re angry that Gov. Pat McCrory reneged on his promise not to sign a restrictive abortion bill, you’ll be outraged when you use his new tax rules to figure your 2014 state income taxes.

When signing the 2014 tax reform bill, McCrory said “This tax reform package puts more money in families’ budgets ..” and it was claimed the new flat tax would “reduce taxes for North Carolina working families.”

But the Fiscal Research Division of the North Carolina General Assembly shows the new tax laws will enrich the wealthy and impoverish the middle class.  Residents earning a million dollars a year will get a $10,000 tax cut whereas the bottom 80 percent of taxpayers on average will pay more.  In one example, a retired couple with a $50,000-a-year income will see their taxes rise from $360 previously to $1,150 a year. A small-business owner making $65,000 a year will see a whopping tax increase of $2,675. 

And those figures don’t include the increases we all will pay in sales taxes on common goods and services.

Allan Eckhaus

Chapel Hill

Changing religion

This will come as a big shock to all my friends but I am changing my religion to Islam. Reasons are the following: 1) I can have multiple wives (why I would I don't know but I can). 2) I can stone (with rocks, not hemp) my multiple wives because they don't do my bidding or refuse wear the towel. 3) I can cut off the heads of those that don't like my beliefs! 4) I can declare war against all you infidels that disparage my beliefs. 5) I can blow up anything I want and it will take the rest of my life to be prosecuted (drones be damned). 6) I can move to Detroit and form a mosque, or join one of the many already there, to preach hatred and destruction to you infidels and nobody will do anything about it. 7) I can do anything I want and because I am Muslim and no one, and I mean NO ONE, will have the cojones (sorry wrong language) الخصيتين to stop me!
Oh what a great country this is!
Just think, by 2050 we can elect our own president! Oh, that's already happened!
Jack Lamb