Letters to the Editor, May 23

May. 23, 2014 @ 09:41 AM

Hold Bush, Cheney accountable

Hello, conservatives and Lee Stem, tens of thousands of men and women, including Americans, died in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Many continue to die today as well as suffer from the outcome of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney's actions.  Get it?

These actions must be investigated and the perpetrators held accountable so this does not happen again.

The Supreme Court made a mistake in the 2000 election.  If the ultra-conservatives have their way in 2016, the country will make another one.

John Sigmon


This is small government?

Since coming into power the McCrory administration has proudly identified itself as a conservative small government regime. Yet in the course of promoting  the unpopular process of fracking, the General Assembly has shown no interest in conserving the natural resources  on which the jobs of many North Carolinians depend and which are necessary for any sustainable developmental.

The state government used its power to pass an ordinance overruling local governments.  Supporters of fracking disregarded that most conservative of principles -- private property rights -- by supporting forced pooling. Is nothing sacred? Not freedom  of speech or assembly. The State Senate has proposed a bill that includes a provision to punish the disclosure of fracking chemicals with time in prison. At the same time the state government has cracked on peaceful protests like the Moral Monday demonstrations.

Now in yet another display of disdain for the democratic process, a committee in the State Senate has proposed a rule, SB 786, that would allow the moratorium on fracking to be lifted and drilling permits issued without hearings on proposed regulations and without another vote by the legislature. If passed this bill would overturn a process that the people of North Carolina and their elected representatives signed on to in good faith and deny citizens the opportunity to review and have input on a matter of crucial importance for public health and the state's economy.

If this is the current administration’s idea of conservative small government what would radical big government be like?

Lynn Mitchell Kohn