Letters to the Editor, May 21

May. 21, 2014 @ 10:34 AM

Laughingstock of the world?

There are many American citizens clamoring for amnesty for illegal aliens in our country. Give them all benefits our own tax payers receive including medical, educational and welfare. We are not talking about those who request and are given permission to enter our country. They are welcome to come here provided they are willing to accept and adapt to our customs. We have immigration laws that our present and past administrations have chosen to ignore. This has resulted in millions having illegally crossed our borders, primarily that with Mexico.

While it would seem we are accepting even their worst, the Mexican government does not accept one of, perhaps, our best. A U.S. Marine has been in prison for more than a month as a result of accidentally crossing into Mexico. While hundreds head north daily intentionally, one crossing in a southerly direction accidentally is unacceptable.

It also seems that our State Department has zero credibility in foreign countries, and our president has no interest in this situation. When a country such as Mexico, rife with corruption, can poke us in the eye, have we, indeed, become the laughingstock of the world? All of our military branches are noted for not leaving anyone behind. The U.S. Marine Corps lives by that code.

Okay, vets, as Memorial Day nears, let’s make our voices loud and clear all the way to that big White House, that we are mad as hell and we ain’t going to take this anymore.

Curtis Casey