Letters to the Editor, May 18

May. 17, 2014 @ 02:40 PM

Thanks for support

The official election results from the May 6 primary are in. I'm thankful to move forward in my effort to keep my seat on the Durham District Court bench.  To steal a phrase, it's said it "takes a village..."  I'd like to thank those of you who are part of "my village."  You are part of that village if you voted for me, supported me, spoke to others on my behalf, put up (and took down) a campaign sign, worked at the polls or otherwise lent your voice to my reelection effort!

It is humbling and challenging to be one of your district court judges.  I love my job, work hard, am passionate about justice and I am particularly committed to families and children.  I am well qualified for my job (the only Board Certified Specialist on the bench or in the election), and not a single of the 100s of decisions I've made has been overturned on appeal.   I work for the public to ensure equal and meaningful access to our court system in family court and all of our other courts. I am an independent judge. I'm fair and I'm committed to service.

Thank you for standing with me.  On to November!

Nancy Gordon


Hate-riddled rant

How dare Wilma Liverpool use the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech to spew her hate-riddled rant ("Truth shall rise up," May 14).

Liverpool's letter is the epitome of racial hatred. Yet, unsatisfied with merely revealing her own moral bankruptcy, Liverpool goes on to demonstrate to The Herald-Sun readers her ignorance of documented historical facts, such as how Africans sold their own people into slavery, and how their European ancestors sold white people into slavery.

Sadly, even elementary school math eludes Liverpool. I'm not exactly a math whiz myself, but by my calculation, the "government" her tirade references has only been in existence for 238 years, not the "300-plus years," as she claims.  Liverpool's inability to do simple subtraction is probably someone else's fault, too.

It's tempting to explain how government dependence is a modern-day form of slavery, or how public housing projects such as McDougald Terrace and the former Few Gardens are among the "inhumane conditions inflicted upon [Liverpool's] people." 

Such truth, I suspect, would be lost on her.

Kristy Bailey


The ‘parasite tax’

I am sick of the seemingly never-ending property tax increases.

Where is it written that because a person works hard and manages to buy his own home that he is forever to suffer the burden for everybody else? New parks? That's what we need, to provide additional places for drug dealers to hang out and shoot each other. I offer the American Tobacco Trail as an example of stupid spending that's become nothing but a drain on our police to try unsuccessfully to prevent teenagers and thugs from attacking joggers.

Can't afford $1.80 more a month to pick up trash? Give me a break. Why not just resort to the olden days and send around the tax collector to my house each month? You can call it what it is -- the parasite tax. Instead, increase the sales tax, then everybody pays something, including the parasites.

Danny Johnson