Letters to the editor

Jul. 15, 2013 @ 01:54 PM

Reject electronic billboards

The billboard industry trying to hoodwink North Carolinians when they say their new digital billboards will be an improvement over the billboards that industry -- themselves -- have allowed to deteriorate on our roadways. Sorry, but few people seriously think that a big, bright electronic billboard -- soaring above the tree tops on tall metal mono-poles -- flashing more than 10,000 ads/day, is any kind of improvement.

A common industry tactic for undermining public opposition to digital billboards is to offer free billboard space to non-profits. This explains why you see non-profit billboard ads around the state. The irony in this tactic is that the ads on electronic billboards are constantly changing. So, we can see PSAs for anti-teen drinking programs -- followed by ads for lite beer and hard liquor. Not a good message for our kids.
The General Assembly should reject the tired arguments and spin coming from out-of-state billboard companies. How is sending more profits to a billboard company in Georgia good for North Carolina?

John Schelp


Racing to the bottom

Let's all put hands together for the Republicans in the General Assembly.

Working like a colony of hyperactive beavers, they've managed, in only six months, to degrade the public school system; deny many children access to pre-school programs; lift the cap on charter school applications; try to establish a separate state charter school board; get those loafers off of unemployment benefits; refuse to expand the Medicaid program in accordance with provisions of the Affordable Care Act, even though it wouldn't cost North Carolina a dime for three years; try to ram through the most severe restrictions on women's ability to have a legal abortion (under cover of darkness, no less); and generally destroy North Carolina's reputation as a progressive Southern state.

Congratulations, guys and gals of the Big-R party, you've got North Carolina almost leading the pack in the States' Race to the Bottom.  You deserve a break, so why not head back home for some well-earned R&R?  Say, four or five years' of it.

Charles Murphy