Letters to the editor

Jul. 12, 2013 @ 06:40 PM

Rules of the road

I did not know Seth Vidal, but as a cyclist am especially saddened and upset by this tragic killing.  Automobiles are lethal weapons.  Too many drivers don't know the rules of the road and thus are not qualified to have licenses.
From p. 51, N.C. Driver's Handbook:
“The law requires AT LEAST TWO FEET OF CLEARANCE between your 
vehicle and the vehicle or bicycle you are passing. You have not passed safely if the 
vehicle you have passed must slow down to allow you back into your correct lane.”
And p 77:
“Drivers wishing to pass a bicyclist may do so only when there is abundant 
clearance and NO ONCOMING TRAFFIC IS IN THE OPPOSING LANE. When passing a  bicyclist, always remember the bicyclist is entitled to use of the full lane.”
N.C. Driver's Handbook here:

Derek Leadbetter


Government should care for all

Before World War II ended, in 1944 our government passed the G.I. Bill of Rights, a well-deserved reward for heroic men and women who saved the world from Hitler. For the first time, the average American was able to get a collage education.

This single act by caring elected leaders set this country on the path to greatness. We became the leaders of the world.

Americans earning a decent wage were now able to buy a home, and a middle class was born. Sadly these "Happy Days" lasted only 20 years. In the 1970s wages for the middle class began to get less, and they are still falling. Getting a college education is almost out of the reach of most Americans.

We have two wars slowly coming to an end. Thousands of our brave men and women are returning to a country that has a government that does not care if there are no jobs for them. More than a few of these returnees have no homes. America does care, and honors these returnees, but some in our government think more laws to restrict abortions, getting rid of Obama care and building higher fences on our border are more important than jobs.

What America needs is a government like the one in 1944, a government that thinks every one should pay his or her share of taxes -- a government that cares for all the people, not just the one percent.

Dusty Cooper