Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23

Feb. 23, 2014 @ 02:44 AM

Cartoon contemptible

Your editorial cartoon of Feb. 19  accusing the NRA of murdering Trayvon Martin, was an new low for The Herald-Sun. 

Unlike your newspaper, the NRA is not a racist organization.  Your race-baiting, false innuendo and use of “the big lie” degrade your editorial section.  It is fine to disagree on 2nd Amendment rights, but your trashy cartoon is contemptible, and your editorial staff should be ashamed of running it.

Ed Weintraub  

Chapel Hill

Hospitality of angels

I feel blessed to have survived Feb. 12.  Getting home was no easy feat, but there are angels all around us. 

I was one of the unfortunate drivers on Hwy 54 that had to abandon my car because a DATA bus blocked the highway.

As soon as I started walking, a young man on his way to Hope Valley Preschool to get his daughter asked if he could walk with me.  He took the two bags I was carrying and allowed me to warm my left hand in the crook of his arm, while I placed my right hand in my right coat pocket.   I cannot remember his name, but I want him to know how much I appreciate his kindness.  We had not gotten far, when Marra stopped to ask if we needed a ride.  Of course we did!   

Marra let us off at the Pantry at Hwy 54 and Hope Valley Road.  I still had more than two miles to go, and walked less than 20 feet when Anne stopped and asked if I needed a ride.  I shed tears of thanksgiving.   Anne had driven from Raleigh on her way to the Duke Park area.  She told me she was paying the favor forward because a man with a bag of cat litter had gotten her out of a bad situation.

Not only did I receive the hospitality of three angels, I witnessed others helping people in distress.  Thanks to all who reached out.  God will bless you!

Phyllis T. Edwards