Letters to the Editor, August 17

Aug. 16, 2014 @ 12:22 PM

Senate must act

Americans like me need the Senate to take up the cause on three matters of great importance.

The IRS cannot be allowed to enforce the ObamaCare individual mandate.

The law is bad enough already, but IRS enforcement is unacceptable. The tax agency was caught red-handed targeting conservative groups. It should not be allowed to enforce my health care decisions.

Second, Congress must pass the bipartisan USA Freedom Act (S. 2685), introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and supported by senators Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Under the Fourth Amendment, the government must obtain a warrant to search Americans. The NSA and other government agencies are not above the law.

Third, the Ex-Im Bank is up for reauthorization in September. The bank gives taxpayer-backed loans to some of the most profitable corporations in the world. Government bureaucrats need to stop picking winners and losers. The Ex-Im Bank needs to be shut down -- do not re-authorize it!

Millions of Americans share my views on these important matters. It is not enough to sit by and do nothing.

The Senate must take action to address these three major issues as soon as Congress comes back from August recess.  We must hold our elected officials that they work for us.  We don't work for them. Too many care about power!

Jean Bartholomew


‘Protecting the right to vote’

Although disappointed in Judge Thomas Schroeder’s ruling against a preliminary injunction, the League of Women Voters NC is encouraged that the case challenging components of the voter suppression law will proceed, and we ultimately will be victorious in protecting the right to vote for all North Carolinians.

It is encouraging that the judge did find merit to the case and is allowing it to proceed.  This case is a clear example of why Congress needs to pass the Voting Rights Act Amendment which will help address the US Supreme Court decision that removed the pre-clearance protection that protected voters in North Carolina since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965.

The league and our partner organizations are committed to protecting the rights of voters and are working diligently and cooperatively to educate the public on changes in the law. Protecting the right to vote is the major mission of the league, and we will do all that we can to mitigate the effects on minorities, students, elderly, and other groups who will have increased difficulty voting because of this new law. Voting should be free, fair and accessible to all eligible voters.

Join the league to help in this effort!   

Brenda Hyde Rogers

President, League of Women Voters of Orange, Durham and Chatham

Ugly head of anarchy rising

Regardless of the injustices committed by our governments (federal-state-local) this is not a reason for the violation of law and order. We are a nation of laws and civil order. When individuals commit violations of these principles the motivation is anarchy. (Anarchy is the absence of law and order.)

Injustices should be addressed in the processes of law and order. Our forefathers knew this when they created the three  branches of government (legislative-executive-judicial). When there is a breakdown in these branches of government, the result is anarchy.

The ugly head of anarchy is rising in this nation and it is the slippery slope to destruction. Nothing man can do will accomplish peace; only our Creator can bring this about.

H. Lucas Lloyd