Letters to the Editor, August 13

Aug. 12, 2014 @ 09:47 AM

Hospital closings

With regard to your recent article about the closing of Vidant Pungo Hospital in Belhaven, I point out that hospitals, physicians offices, and physicians all over the country have been going out of business or consolidating for years. 

The reason for this is lack of sufficient income to sustain the business, and the reasons for that are mainly insufficient taxes to pay the cost and the rapidly rising cost of medical care.  The situation will only get worse until more state and federal taxes are collected and until costs are reduced by expanding the current federal price controls.

Dr. William S. Abernathy


Obama’s moral legacy

President Barack Obama has the opportunity to demonstrate the moral fiber of our American soul.

Thousands of children and families are attempting to escape rape, forced prostitution, forced gang membership and murder in their home countries by coming to the United States. Any decent country would allow these traumatized people the chance to state their case for receiving refugee status.

Please urge President Obama to ensure that we care for these fellow human beings and preserve their fundamental right to due process.

Laura Wenzel


Disappointing papers

The past several months have been very disappointing. First you took away several national columnists that I'd been reading for years. Next several great comics (I still can't get over losing Red and Rover and Funky Winkerbean) bit the dust. Recently satirical cartoons on the Opinion page have been repeated more than once.

Now the enjoyment of reading the sports page over morning coffee has been taken away. It seems that with your new presses that you touted in a recent column, anything that happens after the sun goes down can't be reported for two days. Several times this week there were no box scores or results from previous nights’ games. These are East Coast games that end by 10 but you're reporting on games from two days ago.

Monday morning your paper's coverage of the PGA was that Ricky Fowler had grabbed the lead. Of course Rory McIlroy won the tournament by around 8 p.m. Maybe I'll read about that in The Herald-Sun by Tuesday (or Wednesday).

Roger Bellmore