Letters to the editor

Jul. 01, 2013 @ 09:01 PM

Democrats need leader

Although raised in Mississippi, I chose to become a Democrat because I believed in the North Carolina Democratic Party values and leadership.

Daily, I see rank and file Democrats writing and speaking a good game but playing a poor one since we are leaderless.

Our party needs a strong, capable leader who can inspire the party membership to defeat the no-heart, no-brain Republicans in the House and Senate.

Eunice Brock

Chapel Hill

‘Buffoon’ in charge

This great country has an absolute buffoon at the head of the ship!
He has an "issue" with the IRS. He has an "issue" with the NSA. He has an "issue" with the State Department (Don't forget Benghazi). And he has an "issue" with immigration!
AND he goes on the world stage and talks about global warming and the destruction of the coal business in this country!
I personally don't think "global warming" is an issue. This earth has been through many warm ups and cool downs. Just how many no one seems to know. AND we will have more in the future.
But if this is all the guy can talk about and NOT deal with OUR "issues" then he needs to ride the the tsunami out and leave the rest of us alone. We will do just fine thank you!
Right now the United States is a joke around the world. It will stay a joke as long as the current regime reins!
Jack Lamb

Recipe for forgiveness

One of the darker aspects of the American public's obsession with celebrities is the glee with which one of the formerly adored is attacked when they happen to trip and fall from grace.  The current dissection of Paula Deen is a prime example of this. 

Deen is guilty of telling the truth, something that is surprising enough in today's world that we may have lost appreciation for it. 

I wonder what the results would be if members of the United States Congress were compelled to truthfully answer the same question posed to Dean.  I'm afraid many would fail to pass the political correctness test. 

The goal of a non-racially biased society is not going to be achieved by avoiding certain words, nor should admitting to having once used such a word mark someone as a racist.

I hope people will stop kicking Dean, but now that the late-night TV comics have gotten hold of her I'm afraid she is done for.  Laughter, as has been said, may be the best medicine, but it is also a very effective poison.

I say let's all of us, black, white and whatever, sit down together, eat some cheese grits and give Dean a break. 

S. H. Shouse

Chapel Hill