Letters to the Editor, June 7

Jun. 06, 2014 @ 02:03 PM

Where is my senator?

This past Monday was a historic day in this country, as the president announced a 30 percent reduction in carbon produced from power plants by 2030.  This is equivalent to eliminating pollution from two-thirds of America's cars.  It is the first plan to significantly address global warming -- a policy that future generations can look back on and thank us for.

So why is Sen. Kay Hagan so slow to get behind this historic step?

Back in March, she spoke eloquently on the floor of the U.S. Senate about the need to act on climate.  And just last week she said EPA regulation on carbon was "key" to protecting the environment.  Yet after the EPA's announcement, her comments on the rule have been underwhelming, at best.

Hagan's lack of support for these rules is concerning.  If she would just continue the momentum she's already begun to build by publicly praising the president's plan, and helping to champion the bill in Congress, a wave of young North Carolina voters like me would certainly get behind her.  Come on, Kay!  You made a big step last week by publicly supporting action on climate.  Don't backpedal now.  

Nathan McClafferty


Display flag proudly

Where are all the American flags?

I was disappointed as my husband and I drove around our subdivision Memorial Day and counted only seven flags on display. What is happening? Are we not proud of our flag? Doesn’t it mean more than ever as our soldiers fight to preserve our freedom?

I am wondering if we will do better on the Honor our Flag Day, June 14, and the 4th of July.

Walmart has flags $9 to $30.

Nancy Cool